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【电视剧品质盛典‧红地毯】Quality Ceremony of TV drama – Red Carpet

Eventually, I am back to city from the rural town!!

As the finale guest on the red carpet of 2018 Quality Ceremony of TV drama, Chinese actor Wang Kai mentioned about the feelings and challenges of shooting his new drama Like a Flowing River.

F: Welcome to our acquainted actor, Wang Kai.

M: As an actor and a singer, Wang Kai did very well in past year. This year he is acting a TV drama Like a Flowing River, which is dedicated to the 40th anniversary of Chinese Economic Reform and the 70th anniversary of founding of China. The drama will be showed on Dragon TV and we believe that Wang Kai’s performance will bring us another big surprise.

(F: Wang Kai please come to our main stage.)

(F: Wang Kai please come to our press area.)

Feelings of coming to the ceremony

Wang Kai: Eventually, I am back to city from the rural town.

Challenges in shooting Like a Flowing River

Wang Kai: Challenges!! You know I am 36 this year and I need to act Song
Yunhui which is only a 18-year-old boy. So stressful.

Comments on Like a Flowing River

Wang Kai: The progress now is so far so good.
F: Please give a score for it.
Wang Kai: I’m not good at scoring, so maybe you guys give the marks after watching it.


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Photo/Video Credit: Weibo of Deshe Wang Kai Workshop, Dragon TV; Edit: WKtheKing

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