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【第一次 · 用心听角色說】Those first times – listen to my roles

It is said that the actor has sculpted the roles,

the roles also affect the actor’s life. 

Chiness Actor Wang Kai talked about those experiences and inspirations that his roles had brought to him.

Those first times – listen to my roles

Orginal script of the speech at 2018 TV Drama Quality Ceremony

Ladys and gentlemen, I am Wang Kai, the actor.  Today, the director group wanted me to talk about the most memorable “first time” as an actor.  When I first heard this topic, I immediately recalled some pictures.  I was so excited at the first time I got a role, felt a bit nervous when firstly facing the camera, and the first time I performed in front of the audience.  These pictures and feelings once again came to my mind.  Now, I would like to share with you the three impressive “firsts”. 

The first one was a night scene when I filmed the drama “Educated Youth” (ZhiQing).  It was getting dark early during the winter in the Northeast, so we started to shoot the night scene actually at four o’clock in the afternoon. The day was minus 40 degrees Celsius with no wind.  However, our play needed a heavy snowstorm.  So the crew got a huge fan and made it ourselves.  I don’t know whether or not you guys had same experience.  In fact, people are very uncomfortable at -40°C, not to mention when a huge fan is blowing you.  It turned out that, my ten fingers got blue after the shooting.  Then another scene came up.  Sadly, I needa to keep still in the second scene and the blower kept blowing me.  After a while, my face was covered with a thick layer of ice mask.  The water froze and became ice sticks, hanging at my chin.  Well, I am not complaining or moaning.  I just want to say that this play and this role, Qi Yong, made me realize the value of courage – regardless of what kind of predicament, grit the teeth, and soon everything will be over.

Later, I met Xiao Jingyian in “Nirvana in Fire”, and firstly experienced the feeling of enthusiasm. He had a line in the play: “I only want the truth. No falsehood, and no misinterpretation.” Xiao was honest and straightforward, never give up what he thought was right. Maybe someone said he was stupid and stubborn, but his sincerity really touched me.  He also let me know that a really good character is able to arouse the sympathy of audiences, and brings satisfaction to the actor.

Let’s talk about the recent drama “Ode to Joy 2”, in which I played as Zhao Qiping.  Zhao made me feel the importance of authenticity for the first time.  He said: “In my mind, a good relationship should make people feel more comfortable, rather than disguising as another person in front of each other.” Zhao taught me that in such a complex society, it is very difficult to keep ourselves from feigning.  Zhao Qiping was not perfect. He had shortcomings. But such kind of person is the people around us and lives truly in everyone’s life.

Since I cut my teeth as an actor, every character was actually a motivation. Courage, enthusiasm and authenticity were the most profound reveals the roles have placed on me.  It is said that the actor has sculpted the roles, the roles also affect the actor’s life. Thank you.

2018.03.13 (Text in grey were deleted on TV )

Script: Wechat of Wang Kai KKW Workshop Translated by: Sum Sum

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