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【电视剧品质盛典‧个人访谈】Quality Ceremony of TV drama – individual interview

I sometimes tell myself to “go, go, go, go shooting”.

The Chinese actor Wang Kai talked about his new drama Like a Flowing River at the Quality Ceremony of TV Drama 2018.


About new TV drama

I don’t have any new TV performance except Like a Flowing River.  Sometimes, I might be nervous that my audience cannot watch my TV or movie for a long while.  I wish I could make more good performance for them.  So I sometimes tell myself to “go, go, go, go shooting”.

About shooting

The shooting is not easy.  We need to stay in the rural areas for long times, and also the factories.  Those scenes are comparatively more dangerous.

About new character

It’s another charming role of mine.  So all of our filming team are doing our best and wish to show a satisfied result in the year-end.

About losing weights

I need to be more skinny for this character, coz people at that ages are very thin.  Actually, it’s okay for me, I didn’t lose too many weights except the face.



Written by: Sum Sum

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Photo/Video Credit: Dragon TV, Sina Entertainment; Weibo of Deshe Wang Kai Workshop.

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