Win nothing if losing you Love me, if you Dare

【一首歌, 一出戏】A Song? A Film!

No one can make me such fascinated, except you… Wang Kai.


In the TV drama “Love Me, if You Dare”, Chinese actor Wang Kai gave his blessing to a girl that he has been loving secretly for long time.

Through the following making-of, we can see not only a beautiful singing, but also a whole love story:

He smiled, sincere with nothing he can do.
He was lost… after the unwilling but truely blessing.
He has tried… to keep his smile but failed when looking at the couples.
He has hidden the sadness… with his hand.

The deep breath he took at last might help him not being in tears, but no help for the audiences.

The egg: Wang Kai forgot the lyric and made a face.

Written / Translated by: Sum Sum

Wang Kai The King 演员王凯.作品为王

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Photo/Video Credit: Weibo of Deshe Wang Kai Workshop, Love me if you Dare; Sohu.

Subtitle: WKtheKing

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