Nirvana in Fire Music Dramas

【琅玡榜:第9集】Nirvana in Fire: Ep 9

After all those years of chaos, finally we meet up again.

Chinese actor Wang Kai has mentioned that Prince Jing, in Nirvana in Fire, is a man who is always with sincerity and zeal.  In this TV drama, Jing has strong belief on his friend Lin Shu and elder brother Prince Qi.

Let’s review their brotherhood.

“We are brothers, what I have is yours.”

“The deceased are watching, I don’t want they think that I has finally bent my knees. ” “If they are really watching, they will know you.”

“This belonged to my deceased friend.  He hated strangers touching his things. ”

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Written by: Sum Sum

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Photo/Video Credit: TV drama Nirvana in Fire; Photo/Video Edit: WKtheKing

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