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王凱, 角色鑽研狂 Enter the Roles


Though he was wrapped up in applause, flowers and glories in the past two years, Wang Kai has always maintained rare innocence and self-sustainability.  He always take the word “actor” as a motivation, and never lost his own direction outside of the illusion.


《時尚先生》(2018年4月刊) Esquire, April 2018


作為一個科班出身的演員,王凱對於表演這件事從來都有自己的執著。“我知道大家為什麼喜歡我,當然是喜歡我的角色,大家先喜歡靖王、喜歡明誠、喜歡趙醫生,才喜歡我的… 大家都是通過角色喜歡我的,這是根源。那我往後就演好我的角色,不就好了嗎?

Wang Kai is a trained actor.  About performance, he is always persistent in his own way.  “I know why people love me, it is because of my roles. They like Prince Jing, like Ming Cheng, and like Dr. Zhao, then me… People love me through characters. This is the origin. So I just keep playing my role well. That’s good enough.

作为一个科班出身的演员,王凯对于表演这件事从来都有自己的执着。“我知道大家为什么喜欢我,当然是喜欢我的角色,大家先喜欢靖王、喜欢明诚、喜欢赵医生,才喜欢我的… 大家都是通过角色喜欢我的,这是根源。那我往后就演好我的角色,不就好了吗?


於是為了2018年底在中國內地播放的新電視劇《大江大河》中宋運輝這個角色,王凱又“稍微瘦了一些”。他笑著解釋說“那會兒都吃不飽,肯定不會那麼胖”。另外, 因為王凱這次演的角色比他實際年齡要年輕18年,為了讓觀眾信服,他每次演完一條,就跑去向導演確認: “沒有覺得我是在‘演’年輕吧?”

Wang Kai has to getting thinner for the new role Song Yunhui in Chinese TV drama “Like a Flowing River”.  He smiled and explained “People at that time did not have much to eat, they were all thin.” It’s so hard to play like a real 18-year-old boy at his age of 36, so every time after filming, Wang Kai asked the director the same question: “Don’t you feel that I am ‘acting’ young?”

於是为了2018年底在中国内地播放的新电视剧《大江大河》中宋运辉这个角色,王凯又“稍微瘦了一些”。他笑着解释说“那会儿都吃不饱,肯定不会那么胖”。另外, 因为王凯这次演的角色比他实际年龄要年轻18年,为了让观众信服,他每次演完一条,就跑去向导演确认: “没有觉得我是在‘演’年轻吧?”


王凱接拍這樣一個高難度的角色, 某程度上是因為對宋運輝充滿好感:“一個內心很乾淨、農村考上大學的男孩變成了一個很有城府的人。無論是讀書還是工作,他都比別人付出的努力要多很多,每到重大的人生轉折點的時候,總會有一些貴人來幫他一把。我覺得宋運輝這個人物播出之後,大家就會覺得什麼樣的人能夠成功”。

Wang Kai likes Song Yunhui very much, “A pure and innocent boy became a calculating man.  He needed to pay more at both study and work. And every time he got difficulties, someone would help. I think when the drama shows on TV, audience will know what makes people successful.

王凯接拍这样一个高难度的角色, 某程度上是因为对宋运辉充满好感:“一个内心很干净、农村考上大学的男孩变成了一个很有城府的人。无论是读书还是工作,他都比別人付出的努力要多很多,每到重大的人生转折点的时候,总会有一些贵人来帮他一把。我觉得宋运辉这个人物播出之后,大家就会觉得什么样的人能够成功”。


至於王凱的成功,卻來自不喜歡重複自己。相對於不斷演已經成功過的角色,他更願意接受新的挑戰:“趁現在還比較年輕,就要多去嘗試一些自己沒有演過的角色。可能真的等哪一天力不從心的時候,你就安於平靜了… 可是現在有這個精力,多去嘗試一下,不挺好的嗎?”

Then what makes Wang Kai sucessful? It ought to be saying no to duplications.  He prefers taking a new challenge than repeatedly performing a role he has received great applause.  He said, “I need to try something new when I am still young.  Maybe when I’m old and feel hard to act, I will play safe.  But I am now able to try, why not?”

至於王凯的成功,却来自不喜欢重复自己。相对于不断演已经成功过的角色,他更愿意接受新的挑战:“趁现在还比较年轻,就要多去尝试一些自己没有演过的角色。可能真的等哪一天力不从心的时候,你就安于平静了… 可是现在有这个精力,多去尝试一下,不挺好的吗?”



From a masculine police officer to an overbearing CEO, from a cool sniper to an intelligent physicist, or even a gusty gang leader, Wang Kai has acted various kinds of roles. He said that no matter what role he plays, each process is very difficult, because “these things are honed little by little”




When we evaluate a performance, there is actually no distinction between good and bad, but accuracy and inaccuracy. People watch movies and TV dramas, just a matter of watching how good you are. If we delivery the role accurately, the audience feel comfortable. And if the character isn’t handled well, the viewers have two feelings: dull, or scared. So we are always trying to figure out the way how to make the performance just right.



王凱舉了《英雄本色 2018 》中周凱的例子。“我演這個角色的時候,好多處理方式和別人是不一樣的,但到底是怎麼個不一樣法,表演分寸感怎麼去把握,都是要表演過程中去想的。有時候難就難在導演跟我說之後,我得去思考怎麼把它表現出來,所以每天都在重複地琢磨這些事兒。”

Wang Kai gave Zhou Kai in the movie A Better Tomorrow 2018 as an example.  “When I acted Zhou, I tried some unusual ways.  But how different it could be, how accurate it could be, I had to figure out through the performing.  Sometimes, I found difficult after listening to the director’s, I needa to think how to make it well, so I kept thinking and thinking  everyday.”

王凯举了《英雄本色 2018 》中周凯的例子。“我演这个角色的时候,好多处理方式和别人是不一样的,但到底是怎么个不一样法,表演分寸感怎么去把握,都是要表演过程中去想的。有时候难就难在导演跟我说之后,我得去思考怎么把它表现出来,所以每天都在重复地琢磨这些事儿。”


王凱很享受這些在劇組的生活。“拍戲的時候完全沉浸在劇本裡,不用考慮那麼多私心雜念的東西。” 看得出, 他真的除了鑽研角色,並不想把時間花費在花邊小事上。回想這兩年的時光,他最懷念的還是意識到自己在進步的時刻

Wang Kai really enjoys the days of filming. “When acting a role, I always immerse myself completely in the script and think nothing unclean.” He does not want to waste his time for stuffs other than studying the role.  The time he misses most in the past two years was the moment he felt he has moving one step forwards.

王凯很享受這些在剧组的生活。“拍戲的時候完全沉浸在劇本裡,不用考慮那麼多私心雜念的東西。” 看得出, 他真的除了钻研角色,并不想把时间花费在花边小事上。回想这两年的时光,他最怀念的还是意识到自己在进步的时刻。


“沒有一個人會變成第二個誰誰誰,我的終極目標是做最好的自己。作為今天我們坐在這兒,聊到比較欣賞的演員是誰… 我也想有一天,大家會說,我想成為王凱那樣的人。

No one can be another one.  My ultimate target is to be the best of me.  Today we sit here and talk about the actors we like… I’m expecting, one day, people will say they wanna be the one like Wang Kai.

没有一个人会变成第二个谁谁谁,我的终极目标是做最好的自己。作为今天我们坐在这儿,聊到比较欣赏的演员是谁… 我也想有一天,大家会说,我想成为王凯那样的人。

杂志:王凯, 角色钻研狂《时尚先生》(2018年4月刊)


更多王凱精彩受訪內容, 請看時尚先生。Find more about Wang Kai’s interview, please go to Esquire. 更多王凯精彩受访内容, 请看时尚先生

中文原文: 時尚先生 編輯及翻譯: 心凝 Original text in Chinese: Esquire Edited & Translated by: Sum Sum 中文原文: 时尚先生 编辑及翻译: 心凝

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