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【2017, 劳逸結合的王凯】2017, a year of work-life balance for Wang Kai

Wang Kai’s happy when people saying “Wang Kai’s TV dramas and movies are not bad”.


Be a good actor, be a good man” was Wang Kai’s little wish in 2017.

For those good performances that Wang Kai made last year, the audience returned him not only applauses but records on the 2017 Commercial Value Billboard.  Ode to Joy 2 made him the 6th highest commercial value on TV drama billboard while The Devotion of Suspect X and Railroad Tigers made him 18th on the chart of movie.  Wang Kai was also the only actor who named on both billboards.

Wang Kai acted in the TV series of Ode to Joy, which story is about women in China nowadays.

Lucky is not the right word to explain why Wang Kai‘s getting popular.  He is a hardworking actor and has acted nearly 30 different kinds of roles in the past ten years. Efforts he put built him a concrete base of performing skills and gave him the honour of “a man with thousand faces”.

The various roles Wang Kai acted in the past 10 years.

At the time Wang Kai acted the movie A Better Tomorrow 2018, he felt that “Things that scratch only the surface never touch the centre of heart”. He thought that pieces linger in the memories are always the chords struck by the stories, or the characters.

What Wang Kai believed might possibly the reason of the successful portrayal in this new movie. The chord of audience’s heart was struck by this unusal man.  The movie was presented in the BerlinaleOsaka Asian Film Festival and CinemAsia Film Festival.

Wang Kai acted as a gangbang leader in the movie “A Better Tomorrow 2018”.

Wang Kai has sang a song  “Bullets of bygones” for the promotion of A Better Tomorrow 2018. The song was produced by the famous Chinese music pruducer Gao Xiaosong. Wang Kai’s voice is described as the perfect match with the touching lyrics.

Wang Kai in the music video of “Bullets of bygones”

After the shooting of TV show National Treasure and movie Dynasty WarriorsWang Kai will be busy for the new shooting of “Like a Flowing River” in 2018. This is a much-talk-about TV drama because of the same production team from well-known drama “Nirvana in Fire” and the same author from another hot TV series “Ode to Joy”.

In “Like a Flowing River”, Wang Kai will act as an 18-year-old boy. He needa on diet and become more skinny for this new character.

Photo taken when preparing for the press conference of Like a Flowing River

In the coming future, Wang Kai wanna act in more high-quality productions which are capable to pass through decades and decades. He hopes that his performance is the only thing that people will mention about Wang Kai after years.

Wang Kai, the only King in the world of performance art.

I wanna be such a guy, whose face is covered by lines but still full of glamour and charm.

Tencent Entertainment Cover Story (Original recording) 2017.12.26

Written by: Sum Sum

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