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House1929「Mosaïque de Rêverie 梦萦尚艺」Jewelry show 珠宝鉴赏会

(2018.4.21 Beijing Rosewood Hotel 北京瑰丽酒店)


下午4点半, 瑰丽的咖啡厅里已经上映衣光鬓影, 很多贵宾都趁8点的酒会开始前先来歇歇脚。It was 4:30 pm. The guests were already dressing up and taking rest in the coffee shop at Rosewood Hotel.

王凯没有出席酒会,他在9点15分才在House1929品牌老板郑志刚先生的陪同下出现,在活动背景板前让传媒拍了几张照片就进秀场了。Wang Kai did not join other guests in the cocktail dinner.  He showed up around 9:15 with the company of Mr. Adrian Cheng, the boss of House1929.  Here was the picture they took at the reception.


小编随便找了个位置坐下, 一抬头, 便看到凯凯坐在正对面。於是小编全程閒不下来, 又要看女模特儿, 又要看珠宝, 又禁不住偷看王凯凯。王凯坐得挺直,让他在人群里很突出。他看秀时表情多多, 偶尔还跟坐在旁边的郑先生说说笑笑。It’s lucky that I found a seat right in front of our King.  So actually I can hardly concentrate to the models and jewelrys.  Wang Kai was very outstanding amongst the people.  He sometimes whispered with Adrian and enjoyed the show very much.


场内人头涌涌,女模每一个都高佻美丽, 忍不住让人幻想主办方周大福会不会安排一幕「群美伴吾王」。可惜没有~~ [白眼]   Models were all dressed in Morocco style.  It’s a pity that Chow Tai Fook, the organizer, didn’t invite our King for a little catwalk with these beautiful girls and Jewelrys.


女模轮流走了两趟后, 大会安排舞蹈表演, 为接下来的珠宝展布置争取时间。在表演的尾声, 工作人员先把凯凯请到展览室, 五分钟后其他嘉宾才能进入展厅。The show did not take long in time and another dance show presented right after the catwalk.  During the dance, Wang Kai entered to the exhibtion room quietly before the show ended.


王凯在郑志刚先生的引领下, 兴致勃勃地把所有展品看了一遍。他目注心凝地欣赏着那些独一无二的珍宝, 边听工作人员的详细讲解, 边微笑点头,其中一件镶有蓝宝石的首饰明显引起他的好奇。Wang Kai was leaded by Mr Adrian Cheng and watched the Jewelrys one by one.  He listened to the stories of making these master pieces and felt interested in some of them.


看完这13件难得的工艺品,王凯在郑先生的陪同下离开这个让人遐想无限的会场。After watching all 13 pieces of crafts, Wang Kai left with Adrian.

Photo Credit: 王凯kkw、得舍王凱工作室、心凝

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