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【中国赞:手指舞】Love China: Finger Dance

                   Eeeeh~~     Ahhh!!!

How to do with my fingers?

Hahahahahha~~  (x 100 times)

Do you think Wang Kai is cool in the above picture? However, he’s actually a 3-year-old boy when shooting the clip of finger dance for Love China.  Search the Easter egg below.



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Written by: Sum Sum

Wang Kai The King 演员王凯.作品为王

Wang Kai the King shares the information and performances of Chinese actor Wang Kai. You can also find us on  Facebook and Instagram. We are not an official page of Wang Kai or his company. All photos and clips are retrieved from internet and all rights reserved to the original owner.

Photo/Video Credit: Weibo of Deshe Wang Kai Workshop; Photo/Video Edit:WKtheKing

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